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Friday, August 04, 2006

The dentist cometh

Mike Field the dentist was due to visit today, so Dad was at the stable by 9.00. Mike saw Cricket first and then treated me and Dibby. Unlike some of the later horses -Edward and Tesco ,we didn't need sedating so it saved time. Dad stood in the stable with us whilst Mike filed our teeth first in just a hedcollar and later a metal contraption that kept our mouths open. Any way it didn't hurt and Dad reassured us, so it went well.

We went out in the field to graze by 11.00 and came in at about 4.00 -so no lesson for me today. We were groomed and given tea. A new mare arrived in the stable opposite so it was all very exciting. Cobs are like humans and sensible ones have a dental checkup every six months.


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