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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tiring Saturday

Our haylage was topped up by Other Dad early and Dad came to take me in the school at about 11.15. We worked in my snaffle and ran through the Walk and Trot test and Prelim 1 a few times. I guess I wasn't really in the mood because at first it wasn't very good: no roundness, falling-in, wrong bend and dodgy transitions.

Dad kept plugging away and we eventually went through the Prelim a little better and came in. The flies were a little troublesome and various mares were in the wrong field and galloping around , so it was quite distracting.

Once inside Dad hosed me down and gave me an apple and some mints. By this time Breeze had returned from Swallowfield having had a fall on the cross country. The vet came and looked her over and she was alright but shaken and will be sore for a while. It all seems to happen on a Saturday morning.

Dibbs came out to graze once he had returned fiorm his hack and Dad got on with the stables. It was a humid afternoon and it seemed to take ages, so he stayed and put down both beds and then brought us in to be groomed and given tea. After a chat and mints Dad went home but Other Dad came down later to see we were OK. Owning a cob seems to be nearly a full time job. It's because we're worth it - or I hope we are.


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