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Friday, September 08, 2006

Back to business

After two days off, it was back to schooling this morning. It was dry, sunny and warm with a pleasant breeze, which helped keep away some of the flies.

We schooled in my snaffle, mainly in walk but with some trot and a little canter. Sally watched us for a while and rode me for a fw minutes also in walk and trot, working on my roundness through transitions. She also rode Dibby,which he enjoyed; this was after a break of over ten years.

We were groomed and put out to graze, although this meant Dibby grazing and me flirting with Breeze over the fence for most of the afternoon.

We came in at 5.00 to be groomed. Dad put eucalyptus oil on our hooves. Connie in the stable opposite had crystal therapy whlst we were being groomed. Our yard is a hotbed of holistic therapy at the moment. We then had tea and Other Dad came down later for a mintie and to skip us out. A full day; cobs prefer it to be balanced like that.


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