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Monday, September 04, 2006

Group lesson to start the week

The week got off to an early start. Other Dad came down before 9.00 and put Dibby and me out to graze. He then took the lorry away to be emptied before going to the garage for its sevice and annual plating: a nervous and expensive time.

After taking the lorry to Coventry, both Dads came back to deal with the stables, water and haylage before going home. They returned later in the afternoon to bring us in and tack us up for the group lesson at 5.30.

Our first group included Vadio, Meg, Patch and Little Bailey as well as Dibby and me. I wore my snaffle and we worked in walk on getting the hind legs to move across, on roundness and softness. We worked on 5 metre loops and fifteen metre circles and on roundness in trot and then canter in groups of three and walking on a long rein. We had to focus on not falling in so much. Dad found it helped if he wasn't quite so extravagant in taking the inside rein to the knee in flexions to get roundness. We did some good work in trot and both found the lesson beneficial.

Dad cleared the school whilst Other Dad held us and also gave Liz some coffee.

We were hosed down, groomed and given tea after what turned out to be a busy day. Dad and Liz were pleased with my application, so I was happy about that. Cobs enjoy unsolicited approval.


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