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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Grey Thursday

Wanting to get in some more practice before the weather broke, Dad took me in the school again in my snaffle. It was overcast and breezy with the odd spot of rain but nothing heavy. We worked in walk with lots of transitons to halt/walk off, shouder in and leg yield. We manoeuvred around the fences in the school with a lot of changes of direction and trotted and cantered large.

Simone watched us for a while and suggested that we canter in larger circles around the school, which we did. This helped me to fall in and motorbike less.

Dibbs joined us and we finished our session walking and trotting around. By the I was quite soft and responsive.

We came in and Dad brushed me down and put me out to graze for the afternoon. surprisingly the rain held off. We came in for grooming and tea at 5.00. Dad applied Tecsin to our hooves and we now have green frogs - which I guess is the colour a cob's frogs should be.


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