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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tired Tuesday

Dad thought it would be agood idea to build on the work we did in the group lesson last night and so we schooled for forty five minutes or so this morning. I wore my snaffle and we went over the exercises in walk, trot and canter including the five metre loops and 15 metre circles, half halts and exercises getting the hind feet to come more under the body. This was intended to promote roundness from behind rather than just from the hand.

We worked on some canter too. My strike off was more consistently correct but I had difficulty in sustaining it, so we will have to practice that.

We came in and I was hosed down before joining Dibby out in the field until 5.00. We came in to grooming and a chat before tea. Dad was tired and I guess we may have the day off tomorrow. Cobs may not be psychic but are observant.


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