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Sunday, September 03, 2006

September Sunday

Although it was incredibly blustery this morning we schooled for forty five minutes or so. Dad tried to practice the things we had worked on in our lesson yesterday. We concentrated particularly on getting my hind legs under me on the turn and shoulder in around the circle to promote roundness. We worked on this in walk and went up into trot and then canter and ran through Prelim 18 a few times to tie all the elements together. With the strong wind it was quite difficult to concentratre and we were both relieved to come in. Dibbs and I were sponged off and put out to graze for the afternoon.

We came in at 4.30 for grooming and tea. Dad had been able to arrange for Helena Tombs to come and look at my back and poll, but owing to pressure of work this has to be on 10th September and we will have to withdraw from the walk and trot that day. We wouldn't have exactly been in contention given the level of person competing in walk and trot tests at Solihull nowadays and so I can just about cope with the disappointment. Unlike some warmbloods, cobs don't tend to be embittered by thwarted ambition.


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