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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday school

After yesterday's excitement, it was back to routine today with a session in the school. Dad had swapped my drop cheek snaffle bit from my soft elevator bridle onto a sabre bridle. This was done with the intention of increasing the poll pressure a little without making it too strong.

As before, we worked in walk a lot with many halt/walk transitions and a lot of flexions and softening exercises. We went up into trot and I struggled with falling in a little. We ran through Prelim 18 a few times and Dad was pleased with the improvement in my canter when he remembered to keep his hands soft and low on the upwards transition and maintained the contact to stop the canter petering out.

We came in and I was hosed off, given some mints and an apple and put out to graze with Dibbs and Cricket. We came in for tea at 5.00. We had a chat when I was being groomed and it made a nice end to the day. Cobs enjoy a quiet Sunday.


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