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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Reiki consultation

It was my turn for a consultation with Sara, the reiki practitioner today. Sara saw Jack, the labrador first and then me. It was rather noisy in the stable, but we managed to concentrate.

Sara checked me over and told Dad that my hind quarters were still congested and painful, as was my poll. She asked if I had been checked over by a chiropractor or back specialist recently. Dad explained that I had been given check up and clear bill of health only a few weeks before. This surprised her since she thought that, if anything, it was worse than last time. She suggested that we try Helena and Dad confirmed he would ask if she would see me.

Sara also described my reaction to being schooled in occasionally pulling my head up. She thought my teeth might be uneven on the right and asked when I had last been treated. Dad explained I had been treated earlier this month, but said he would get the vet to check it out.

Sara asked me various questions about my reactions to our work. She passed on comments about my GP and dressage saddles and bits. I prefer a bit that gives me some support, but understand we need to work in a snaffle and told Dad we should persevere. She explained that I didn't blame Dad for my discomfort at present. It wasn't due to his way of riding, but my body needed further building up. I told Sara that I was worried about Dad's pains in the lower back from riding and that he should get some treatment too!

I told Sara that my left hind leg was stiff and prone to give a little . This was because I had to stretch it to compensate. She also thought I had some respiratory problems and caughing, possibly as a result of out new very dusty and dirty straw and gave me some healing to help this.

I described our instructors and said that I wanted lessons from the slim, fair lady with a bubbly personality. I confirmed that I was happy with my current life and loved Dad very much. Sara said she couldn't say much about this since it would make her cry.

Dad asked Sara to see if I would disclose some more about my earlier years and the accident that hurt my pelvis. I told her about a dark haired woman who had rejected me and remembered some arches by a canal, but didn't want to talk about it any more. Instead of standing quietly at the front of my stable as before, I then began to walk around until Sara changed the subject. When she finished, Sara said I was in very good order and happy and a credit to Dad, which made him pleased.

Although I liked Sara, I had found some parts of the consultation unsettling, so Dad decided to give me the rest of the day off and put me out to graze with Dibby. Sara then had a long day at the yard with consultations for Sassy, Connie, Edward, Little Bailey and Harvey.

Dad brought me in at 4.30 or so just before it began to rain hard. We had a chat , grooming and tea. It had been an interesting day; not every cob gets the opportunity to speak to his Dad or vice versa.


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