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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not all grazing and minties

Dad schooled me in the morning in my snaffle. We worked mainly in walk but with some trot and canter and again focussed on straightness, roundness and softness with varying degrees of success. Dibbs stayed in his stable with some haylage during this since Other Dad was attending to some work at home.

We then went out in the field, but both of us and Cricket were troubled initially by an unpleasant bott or warble fly, which upset us. It eventually went away and we settled down for the afternoon. Dad brought us inat 5.00 or so when our stable were ready and we were groomed and given tea. I had a bad overrreach wound on the coronet of my near hind which Dad bathed in salty water and applied purple spray. I was still agitated and relieved to have my tea and some calm time in my stable. A cob's life isn't all grazing and minties, you know.


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