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Monday, October 30, 2006


Back to work again this morning after two days off. We began with walk on a long rein, both ways and then went up to medium walk with leg yield, shoulder-in and halt transitions. We went up into trot in a circle and square and did a little canter.

We didn't practice any tests today but joined with Dibby to walk and trot around together and canter at 12 and 6 o clock on a twenty metre circle. This was reasonably controlled and Dad was pleased.

We came in to be sponged down. Dad found a little rub by the corner of my mouth and sponged it and applied aloe vera. He will probably swap me back to my pinchless snaffle on the elevator bridle tomorow to see if that is more comfortable.

We spent the afternoon out - after the field had been topped -and came in at 4.30 when it was getting dark. We ate our haylage whilst Dad finished putting down our stables. Apart from getting a little more perky, cobs cope with the onset of autumn quite well.


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