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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Relaxing Saturday

Other Dad topped up our haylage early when he picked up the newspapers and Both Dads came back to ride at 11.00. The routine was pretty much as yesterday and Dad found that I accepted the contact and took the rein down much quicker than before. We worked on a long rein, in medium walk, trot and some canter as well as walking around the school with Dibby. We finished by walking around the large field a few times, which was relaxing.

Once inside Dad gave me a massage- especially around the right hand side saddle and rump area, where directed by Halena. We both had minties and an apple before going out for the afternoon. We came in at 5.00 and Other Dad groomed us whilst Dad put down our beds. We then had tea and some minties. Overall a relaxing day for Dibbs and me if not for Both Dads. Cobs can be seem a little complacent, but I've never been spoiled before.


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