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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What cobs do

Dad took me into the school during a sunny Thursday morning. We warmed up well on a long rein and in medium walk with leg yield and shoulder in and some halt /walk transitions. We then went up into canter and practised both Prelim 17 and 4.

At first I had trouble sustaining my canter but this improved and we managed to get through Prelim 4. We couldn't complete Prelim 17 since Dad couldn't remember the whole test. Neither practice went well enough to merit entering at Solihull in a few weeks and we will have to see how it goes and if we can arrange a lesson in time.

Dibby came out and we walked and trotted together before going in. We spent the afternoon grazing and came in at about 5.00. Dad painted our feet withTecsin and put our stable rugs on in time for tea. We were very relaxed and friendly, but that's what cobs do.


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