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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Morning cobs

When Dad arrived this morning I was still lying down in my stable and so he joined me and sat down on the straw for a chat and gave me some minties. We stayed like that for quite a while before it was time to get tacked up and go in to the school.

We worked in the school for about half an hour until it started to rain. Before then we managed to warm up on a long rein and practice in medium walk and trot and then go through Prelim 17 couple of times. We finished off with a walk around the arena with Dibby on a long rein. It was also windy and cold, so we were pleased to come in.

Dibby and I had the afternoon in the field and came in when it was getting gloomy. Dad hosed the mud off our hooves, but avoided getting our legs wet. We were groomed and given tea and were pleased not to be going out in the school on such a damp night. Cobs prefer to school in the morning and have the evening to themselves.


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