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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thinking of parties

The day began with light drizzle and Dad put us out to graze at 8.30. There was a change this morning since Bailey, Tom and Little Bailey had been turned out in the adjoining field, so Dibby, Cricket and I introduced ourselves with much squealing and nonsense over the fence. Eventually we all settled down to graze with the odd eruption of running around and what I suppose you would call "horseplay".

We came in whilst it was still light at 3.45 and Dad tacked me up and took me in the school. The fences had been removed and a large arena set up. After warming up on a long rein we ran through Prelim 17 three or four times. Dad was very pleased that I was forward going and all but once got the canter transitions correct. We warmed down on a long rein in the twilight.

We came in to cool off, be groomed and given tea. I can tell Dad is wondering whether to enter Prelim 16 or 17 at Solihull next month or perhaps in January. I hope he does; cobs do enjoy a Christmas party.


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