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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

God bless Dessie

Dad was sad and subdued today because the great and much-loved Desert Orchid had passed away overnight at the age of 27. Dessie was Both Dads' all-time favourite: one Gold Cup, four King George VI Chases and 34 wins out of 71 runs. A joy to behold whose like we shall never see again.

Anyway, life - however prosaic - continues, so making the most of the weather before it broke, we schooled alone this morning, whilst Dibby had the day off. We worked with music concentrating on roundness and getting and remaining on the bit. We began with the usual stretching exercises on a long rein and then went up into medium walk and trot. We did some lateral work and then circles and oblongs in trot and going large, finishing with some canter.

At the end of the session we did a long warm-down with Dad working on relaxation and soft eyes, getting me to relax too.

We came in for grooming and an apple and then Dibby and I went out for the afternoon. By the time it was growing dark, it had started to drizzle and we were glad to be in for tea. I suspect we may have the day off tomorrow, but who knows. A cob's life isn't always predictable.

God bless, Dessie.


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