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Saturday, November 18, 2006

No complaints

Back in the school this morning. Since the large arena was still laid out, we made the most of it. After loosening up on a long rein, we practiced Prelim 17 several times. Dad was pleased he remembered the test. I was moving forward properly and hit the markers accurately but needed to be rounder in walk and trot. The canter went well although I was slow on the final transition down to trot - which was a tad hectic, to say the least.

We cooled of working on a long rein whilst Other Dad practiced tests on Dibby and then went out to graze for the afternoon.

When we came in at 4.00 we were groomed, had our muddy feet picked out and were given tea. Just before leaving Dad noticed I had a wooden splinter in my face just below my left eye. I eventually let Dad touch it and fortunately he was able to remove it and apply some ointment. Then I carried on eating my haylage. It's just as well Dad noticed it since cobs tend not to complain.


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