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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Warm wugs

We made the most of a dry and sunny morning by schooling again. Dad tried my snaffle bridle without a flash today. He found I mouthed the bit a lot but didn't take advantage of it, so he will probably continue with the experiment for a while.

We worked in walk stretching down on a long rein and practising straightness and after quite a while shortened the rein and worked in medium walk. We also ran through Prelim 17 about three times in the long arena and Dad was pleased with my accuracy, walk on a long rein and canter - particularly down the longside on a right rein.

We finished off walking around with Dibby and then went out to graze in the autumn sunshine for the afternoon.

When we came in and were groomed we tried on our new winter stable rugs which cover our necks - called "Wugs". They looked very comfortable and smart. Other Dad brought a 6'6" and 6'9" to try on and we both preferred the larger size so the smaller one can be taken back to be swapped. For the present, we will wear our warm green rugs in the stable and swap when it gets even colder. Cobs do like a warm wug...weally.


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