The unspoiled world of senior cobs, David and Master Dibble

Location: United Kingdom

Sunday, November 12, 2006


As predicted, we schooled again this morning. Since someone else was in the school initially, we exercised without music. We loosened up on a long rein but with a decent contact and went up into medium walk whilst trying to stay on the bit.

Dad concentrated on breathing and relaxation and worked on his position as we manoeuvred around the fences in the arena. We also trotted concentrating on roundness and did only a little canter. We finished off walking around with Dibby with Dad trying to hold the reins higher and more forward once I had softened.

We came in to grooming and tea at 4.15 before the rain. I had another small overreach, this time on my near fore which Dad bathed in salt water and treated with purple spray. He was a little confused as to how I managed this, since I had been put out in my overreach boots as a precaution, but then cobs are ingenious


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