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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dibby's home visit

Today was very wet and windy. Dibby and I were put out to graze early but were by the gate ready to come in by 2.30. We were pleased to stand outside our stables with some haylage out of the wind as we were groomed.

Rob, the vet came to see Dibby before 4.00. Dad trotted him up several times after flexion tests on each leg. He also lunged him in the school on both reins. Rob and Both Dads agreed Dibby was uncomfortable behind. Rob suggested that we try anti-inflamatories for a week and then re-check the position. He will have two sachets of Danilon twice a day for five days and then one and a half sachets twice a day for two days. If he hasn't improved then it will be necessary to consider further injections.

Dibby was pleased to get back inside and have his warm stable rug back on. He enjoyed his tea and the prospect of not being troubled during the evening. Cobs take a little time to settle down after all that fuss.


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