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Friday, December 08, 2006


After I finished my morning haylage, I lay down in my stable but got up to greet Dad. The wind and rain abated this morning and so we were able to ride in the school after 11.00.

We worked on the elements of RWYM - trying to get me to work from behind and lift up my back. We schooled to music for the first time in a few weeks, which was fun.

Dad concentrated on his seat bones/position and breathing and letting his hands go forward. We worked on trot and found it easier to rise from the knee. We also went up into canter successfully and finished off trotting large around the arena with Dibby and then on a long rein. After his first batch of Danilon Dibby moved quite well, but it will be necessary to see how he is after a few days.

We spent the afternoon out and came in before 4.00 for grooming and tea. We are having to fit what schooling we can with the weather just now, but fortunately cobs are co-operative.


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