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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Because we're worth it

It snowed overnight for the first time here this winter. By the time Dad arrived at the yard it was sunny and bright. The arena surface wasn't frozen, so Dad put me in my newmarket and we schooled. We worked mainly in walk and trot this morning with some leg-yield and shoulder-in.

Dad worked on breathing, relaxation and posture. We schooled mainly on a 20 metre circle concentrating on achieving softness and roundness without too much use of the hand. We practised upwards and downwards transitions and did some good work in sitting trot. It was quite cold and fresh and so we stopped after forty five minutes. I had an apple and was put out to graze with Dibby, Leo and Cricket.

A couple of fence rails were down in our field which Dad fixed. We stayed out until 4.00 and then came in before the sleet and rain started. Both Dads had to bring Leo and Cricket in first to be able to get to Dibby and me. After our hooves were hosed our legs were dried and we were groomed and given our tea. The winter routine is quite remorseless, but Dibby and I think cobs are worth it.


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