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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Now that Both Dads are back in circulation, it was back to work. We schooled this morning in walk, trot and canter with lots of lateral work and transitions. Dad was trying to improve my outline and get me to go forward with some success. My canter was a little sluggish, but this is often the way when I'm schooled in my new zealand. I guess I shan't have that luxury next time. We finished of walking and trotting around with Dibby. We also cantered around together which was fun. We always turn it into a race.

We grazed for the afternoon and came in at 4.00. When we saw Dad at the gate, we cantered over to him - rather more actively than in the school. We were groomed, given tea and put in our stable rugs in readiness for another frosty night. Leo should be back in the field with us tomorrow now he has recovered from his absess and was visited by the farrier today. Dibby has to see Rob the vet at 2.30. We cobs lead such busy lives


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