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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dry clean only

Other Dad called in before 9.00 and topped up out haylage and Both Dads returned at 10.30 to go in the school. We began in walk, trot and canter with some transitions, leg yield and shoulder fore when it started to rain. We went indoors for ten minutes and came out when it stopped to continue with more trot and some canter. There was a rainbow.

Dad was pleased that my neck and jaw relaxed quite well and I was moving better from behind with more regular steps. We finished off trotting and then walking around with Dibbyto relax.

After grooming, we went out to graze at 12.45. There was some drizzle and the grass wasn't particularly good, so I was pleased to come in at 4.00, again well under our permitted four hours -again unlike some at weekends. I look forward to when the mud goes away. Some cobs are dry clean only.


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