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Monday, March 26, 2007

Group lesson

At the start of another week, we are still on restricted turnout. We went out to graze at 11.30 and came in at 3.30. The day had been dry and sunny and we wore our lighter rain sheets. Cricket was quite happy without a rug today and we envied him a little.

When we came in we were groomed and Dad put on my black exercise bandages. Other Dad schooled Dibby for half an hour or so but didn't join the lesson this time; hopefully he will next time. I took part in the group lesson at 5.30 with Liz. As well as me there were Meg, Mary, Tod and Kamara. We used the top end of the school by the new mirrors, which was fun. It was a mild and pleasant evening in good light.

We warmed up in walk and trot and then concentrated on lateral work with lots of leg-yield and shoulder-in in walk and trot on both reins. This took us most of the lesson as we used the lateral exercises to soften our necks and jaw an improve the quality of our walk and trot and get us on the bit. Dad worked on contact, length of rein and flexions to help overcome resistance.

We finished by splitting into two groups to practice canter. We worked on a twenty metre cricle with Kamara and managed to canter on the correct leg on both reins. Liz ws pleased with everyone's improvement today and we went in after an interesting lesson. I like joining in with the others.

Inside I was groomed and put in my cooler for a while before swapping into my stable rug and having tea. It was good to get back into a group lesson again. Cobs like to participate.


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