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Friday, March 30, 2007

Not over-faced

A grey and overcast morning. Dad attended to our stables and put us out to graze at 11.45. We had a quiet time in the field until coming in at 3.45.

We were both groomed and Dibby went into his stable for some haylage. At 4.30 Dad tacked me up and took me in the school for a hour or so. It was dry and cool and ideal for schooling. We warmed up in walk and trot with halt transitions, shoulder-in and leg-yield.

Kate was having her lesson in front of the mirrors and Edward was being lunged at the other end of the school, so we worked mainly on a twenty metre circle with lots of shoulder in and flexions trying to achieve softness of my neck and jaw and then roundness and being on the bit. We were joined in the school by Bailey and Breeze and tried to work in a small area. As more room was available we added some canter, sitting and rising trot going large. By the end Dad was very pleased with my softness and movement from behind. We finished off going large on a long rein and came in for minties and tea.

I could tell I had done well today. Sometimes Dad and I perform better after a few day's break. Cobs are very willing, but shouldn't be over-faced.


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