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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Talent for resting

A foggy start to Tuesday. We went out with Cricket earlier than usual and had a quiet morning grazing. We were brought in in time for Other Dad to take Dibby on a hack to Hay Wood with Tesco, Tod and Meg. By now it was bright and sunny. Once they had managed to manoeuvre past the bright yellow mechanical digger laying pipes and cable at the entrance to the yard, they managed well and had a pleasant outing.

Dad and I schooled on our own. I guess we were both a little stiff after our exertions in the group lesson last night. It took me a while to loosen up and relax my neck and jaw, but without turning it into a confrontation, we worked through it slowly and got there in the end. We practiced in walk and trot with some canter, lateral work and transitions. We finished going large for quite a while on a long rein so I could stretch my neck.

On coming in I was groomed and put in my cooler rug in time for tea. I was ready for a rest. Cobs have a talent for resting.


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