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Saturday, April 14, 2007

A worry

A warm and sunny Grand National Saturday day reaching the mid 20's C. In the morning Dad took me in the school for forty minutes or so. When we had warmed up in walk and trot with some lateral work and transitions, we ran through Prelim 1 a few times. The canter was quite good but my trot was a little lethargic.

Dibby had recovered well from his sedation and dental treatment yesterday and went out to graze whilst I was in the school. Aunt Shirley kindly took Dibby's new muzzle to sew on some stylish fake fur padding and he will be able to wear it when it's finished.

When I came in Dad gave me a bath and shampooed my tail with Malaseb and I joined Dibby and Cricket in the field in the sun. I soon dried.

We stayed out until after the Grand National and came in a 4.30. Dibby had a large swelling over his eye which looked like a bite and Dad bathed it in cold tea and applied aloe vera. We then had tea.

It's a concern that Dibby always seems to be in the wars like this. Like Both Dads, cobs do worry.


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