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Monday, April 16, 2007


A duller start to the week but the sun soon appeared. Dad put me out to graze in my fly fringe with lots of fly spray quite early.

Dibby's eye was much less swollen this morning and he joined Cricket and me once his eye had been bathed and he had been fitted with a full-face fly mask - with ear and nose covers -belonging to Tesco, kindly loaned by Debbie.

Both Dads thought Dibby would complain about having the mask put on and remove it once out in the field. They were pleased and surprised to be wrong on both counts.

Other Dad then went to Solihull and bought full face masks for Dibby and me.

We stayed out in the sunshine until 3.30 and then came in to stand in readiness for a group lesson with Liz at 5.30 . Dad bathed Dibby's eye again and groomed me. He also fitted my fly mask and was pleased that I let him put it on me without a fuss.

After missing out on the last group lesson, Dibby enjoyed joining in and coped very well. Our class also included Harry, Mary, Kamara and Meg. We worked in walk, trot and canter with some turn about the forehand and softening exercises on a circle. Dad found me rather strong tonight.

We cantered in groups of three. I struck off on the correct lead and was quite forward-going. I grew less strong when not following Dibby. The lesson lasted an hour and was good fun. Liz said we had all improved.

We came in to be untacked and sponged down. After a rest, we had tea and Other Dad returned after 10.00 to put us in our rugs, since it was growing colder. Both Dibby and I like our group lesson; cobs are gregarious and enjoy group activities.


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