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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More constructive

A bright and sunny day again. At 11. 00 Dad took me in the school. Gail was teaching Meg and then Mary in the other part of the arena with a little jumping, but we kept out of their way without any problems.

We practised in walk, trot and canter and Dad tried to concentrate on his use of hands and legs. He tried to use legs more to keep me going forward into his hand and not to pull back at all. This meant lots of flexions and allowing the hand forward but not letting me set my jaw against his hand. He found it tiring and difficult, but we kept plugging away.

We ran through Prelim 1 with mixed results and tried some turn about the forehand which went better than usual.

Dibby schooled for a while but then went on a short hack down the road.

We spent the afternoon out in the field and were put in our new fly masks but without the nose guard - or whatever it's called. We kept them on today which pleased Both Dads.

We came in for grooming and tea quite late at 5.00 and were put in our medium stable rugs since it's supposed to be colder tonight. Overall, a more constructive day; cobs are happy to please their Dads sometimes.


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