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Thursday, May 31, 2007

All about the journey

After much heart searching Dad withdrew me from Prelim 17 at Solihull this morning. He wasn't satisfied with progress on our canter down the long side and decided to practice a little longer and enter the next competition on 2nd August.

So it was back in the school for pratice in walk, trot and canter and then a couple of attempts at Prelim17. Initially I was resistant but after a while I went on the bit although we need to work on consistency. After forty minutes or so the heavens really opened and we had to make a dash for cover.

Dibby and I went out to graze in the drizzle and heavy downspours with thunder and lightning -called showers in the forecast- until our beds were ready at 5.00. So it's back ot the drawing board. Fortunately cobs understand, it's all about the journey.


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