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Monday, May 21, 2007

Dodgy canter

Other Dad put us out early without rugs on a fine and dry day. When Dad came to attend to our stables he saw Dibby removing his muzzle. When he entered the field to put it back on, Dibby ran away and wasn't very popular. He was persuaded to be caught and to allow it to be put back on later in the morning : an amusing diversion.

We were brought in at 4.00 in readiness for a group lesson with Liz at 5.30. We warmed up in walk and trot and added some shoulder in and fore on both reins in walk and sitting trot. We worked on leg yielding into and out of a circle. Dad was pleased with my roundness and shoulder fore but we ran into problems when we were required to canter as a group large around the arena. Dad's half-halts weren't effective enough and I wasn't exactly generous and co-operative today, so we ran the risk of running into the back of the slower ones and had to take evasive action. We will have to improve the control on our canter with half-halts and sitting deeper in the saddle if we are to go large with five other horses, so there's quite a lot of homework to practice on that.

We came into be hosed down, dried and groomed before having tea. We were all quite tired and enjoyed some minties. Cobs expect minties even after a dodgy canter.


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