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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Whitsun grey

Dad took me in the school this morning. Other Dad had to go to the bank first thing and so Dibby stayed in with some haylage. It was dry and warm but a sort of Whitsun grey.

Leo was schooling at the other end of the arena. We worked in front of the mirrors and built up slowly as usual from walk on a long rein through medium to halt transitions, leg yield and shoulder in, some sitting trot and a little canter.

We also worked large concentrating on roundness, staightness and concentration itself. We came in to be hosed down and given an apple and minties. Dibby then went in the school for half an hour including good practice of Prelim 17 and joined me in the field after being hosed and having his treats.

We came in after 5.00 just as light drizzle was starting. There was space for me to be groomed outside my stable but Dibby had to go in his straight away. We were put in our rugs since the night is forecast to be cooler. A lesson and heavy rain and wind are scheduled for tomorrow morning. Cobs are used to these things.


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