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Friday, June 01, 2007

A change

Friday was dry and warm. Dad took me in the school at 11.00. We warmed up on a long rein and in walk with halt transitions and some lateral work. At this point Kate was invited to ride and did so without stirrups - since our leathers were too long.

Kate persevered very patiently with my various evasions and unwillingness to keep still in the halt and I did some good work on both reins and eventually softened onto the bit. As usual my left rein was better but by the end I was round and had steadied my head and was working properly from behind and tracking well.

Dad took over and I continued to work on the bit and to warm down.

I spent the afternoon out with Dibby and we came in for grooming and tea after 5.00. It's always interesting to be ridden by someone new; cobs enjoy a change occasionally.


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