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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Perking up

Another warm and sunny day. Dad took me in the school at 11.30 and again worked mainly in walk concentrating on getting round, soft and on the bit -with varied success. We worked large and in circles with some lateral work and halt transitions. Dibby joined us and we walked and trotted around together and split up to do more trot and some canter. Dad says we just need to keep plugging away to become more consistent.

We came in first and I was hosed down and given an apple -as was Dibby. We then had some snaps taken.

Since we didn't go out until 2.00, we spent a longish afternoon out at grass and came in at 5.30 for grooming and tea. I was quite sleepy when we came in but perked up for my tea. Cobs normally perk up for their tea.


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