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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Second lesson with Ken

Dibby's lesson with Ken

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lesson with Ken Sudsbury

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lesson with Andy Hawkes in the rain

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


After I had completed the first course of Ventapulmin, my cough returned in canter and Dad consulted Rob the vet and arranged for another prescription. I have now been on a shavings bed and receiving soaked hay instead of haylage for over a week and am slowly improving.

Dibby took part in the group lesson with Tod, Meg, Mary, Patch and Ev's mare on Monday night. Dad didn't think I was ready to join in with my respiratory problem and the tribulations of cantering around half the arena with five others at the same time. So we schooled at the other end of the arena and came in about half way throught their session - which saddened me a little, since I like to join in. Still I was groomed and given an apple and minties which was some recompence.

We schooled again gently on Tuesday and this morning had our second private lesson from Andy whilst Mary and Meg had their lessons at the other end of the arena. Andy rode me to begin going over what we had learned at our first lesson and concentrating on roundness. Andy said Dad had to be more assertive towards me....the very idea.

Dad then mounted and was lunged in walk and trot for a while. We reinforced the things we covered last time: straight back, head up , look around circle or in direction of travel, hands forward, lower leg on and knee off, alternate squeezes on leg in walk, not too much movement in leg, halt transitions using voice and not pulling back with hands, walking off- leg on and hands forward, turning thorax inwards on circle, hands still and on wither, lower back and seat deep and leg lower with heels down

After lunging in walk and trot we practised canter and Dad learned not to lift his hands and keep his legs still. Andy thought we had progressed since our last lesson and set home-work to practice he things we covered.

We came in to be groomed and given an apple and minties before joining Dibby out in the field for the afternoon. When we came in I was quite tired and think Dad will give us the day off tomorrow; cobs know these things.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dibbs enjoys a roll after his bath

Friday, July 06, 2007

Lesson with Andy

Both Dads were away on holiday for seven or eight sleeps which is quite a long time - even to senior cobs. Dibby and I were pleased to see them back -although we got quite a few minties and some welcome fuss while they were away, we received even more when they returned.

We were given a holiday from schooling while they were away and when Dad tried a day or so after returning, he found I had quite a bad cough. After a few days Rob the vet called to examine me and said I had an allergy and a respiratory problem. He suggested that I was switched away from a straw bed and haylage, so next day Dad put down some rubber mats and a shavings bed and fed me on soaked hay -which I do not like as much as haylage. I am also having a couse of Ventapulmin in my breakfast and tea and as much time in the field as is possible - given that it is now occupied each night.

Dad have me another week or so off and arranged a lesson with Andy for today. When Dad had tacked me up and was putting on is chaps I managed to remove my stable door from its hinges with a deafening noise. I quite frightened myself but didn't rush off, so Dad was relieved and I soon calmed down.

We began on the lesson the lunge and worked on position in walk and sitting and rising trot. Dad focussed on straight back, sitting as deeply as possible on his seat bones, heels down, stirrup on the ball of the foot and hands forward so as not to pull back on my mouth. We worked on leg position -knee off and lower leg on with pressure alternately in the walk. Dad had to shorten his stirrups and remember to turn his chest, shoulders and head on the circle, to halt with a deepening in the seat and tightening of the fingers on the reins, but not pulling back. Similarly on moving off a squeeze of the leg aid and giving of the hands. Dad is to keep reminding himself of the basics - back, head up, stretch leg down, heel down, ball of foot on stirrup, hands forward..all rather difficult if you are not particularly well co-ordinated.

Andy rode me for a while in walk and trot and focussed on going forward and gaining roundness. She will ride me for twenty minutes of so at the beginning of our next lesson. Dad had plenty of homework to practice before our session next Wednesday. He was pleased that I only coughed once during the lesson and then my breathing seemed clear. Also we were fortunate that it hardly rained during the lesson - Dad says this is rare during the second week of Wimbledon.

We came in and for grooming and an apple. I went out to graze with Cricket whilst Other Dad rode Dibby and then Dibby joined us. Now I am on shavings one or other Dad tends to come down in the evening to skip out and check I am not coughing. Dibby and I look forward to the extra minties and company. Dibby and I are pleased they have come back. Cobs like it when things return to normal.