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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coming in on Sunday

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Milder today. When Dad brought me in at four he had intended to ride in the school. Unfortunately he could see I was in discomfort with a swollen sheath and periodically kicking myself underneath.
He rang the vets and Elspeth soon called. After checking temperature, pulse and respiration she examined me.

Some relaxant was injected which enabled a thorough cleaning followed by an injection of a large dose of antibiotics to help cure the extra infection and swelling which had set in when I had kicked myself. I will be pleased when the itchiness and pain dies down. We have five or so days of antibiotics and the vets will be visiting again after the weekend.

Dad was grateful that the examination and treatment took place so quickly and hopes we will now cure the underlying and superficial infections and resolve the problem. I was glad when it was over and I could have my tea. Dad was pleased I was so well-behaved and amenable to being handled, but says he now expects it from a senior cob.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suits me

Another chilly day. We went out to graze on a dull grey morning. Most of the snow had gone from our field, but the bitter wind felt like the steppes of Russia. Early in the afternoon it started to snow yet again and we were pleased to come in to our haynets and tea. My new leg wraps are very "me". Cobs know what suits.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Warm new leg wraps

One of the things I told Sara when we had our reiki session a few weeks ago was that I wanted a salt lick - a pure one. Sara told Dad. So Other Dad bought me a Himalayan salt crystal lick which was tied up in my stable next to the window to Dibby. I ignored it at first but then had a good lick and use it when I feel the need. I wonder if they have cobs in the Himalayas?

I also told Sara my legs were cold at night and asked for some warm wraps. Other Dad ordered me some Thermotex wraps which keep my legs like toast.

It looks like we shall need them for some time yet. It has snowed on and off since we rode in the middle of the week and we haven't been back in the school yet. We have gone out in the field in the morning but are pleased to come in to our hay nets in the afternoon.

Dad says this winter is a bit like the government just now; he is depressed to wake up every morning and find it's still there. Cobs aren't very political but will be glad when it's warmer and some spring grass comes.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow and mud

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blue, white and a little mauve

Mutual grooming in the snow

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Even more snow

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Schooling alone

Rain and school levelling intervened on the couple of occasions we tried to ride on Monday and Tuesday, but we got organised for Wednesday evening.
Again, we timed it right and had the school to ourselves, although there was lots going on around with some horses walking around the building or being brought in as normal at that time of day.
It was cold again and I wore my Newmarket. Although there was lots to look at, I concentrated, which pleased Dad.
Dad took a deep breath and mounted. He felt me arch my back and pause but put his inside leg on and told me to walk on and I did.
For the first ten minutes or so I arched my back and paused several times until Dad put his leg on and I walked on.
We kept walking with Dad talking to me all the time until we both relaxed. We changed rein and added halt-walk transitions.
We moved on to trot on both reins rising and sitting and finished with a stretch.
Generally, Dad could feel I still had some issues - compounded by the wretched cold -but worked through them when encouraged by the inside leg and talk from Dad. He hoped we can build on this - weather permitting. I was pleased that Dad was pleased. Cobs are like that.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lesson from Fran on St.Valentine's day

Dad rode me immediately after Fran. It felt funny for us both to be riding after so long.
We walked for quite a while as Dad got the feel of being in the saddle again.
We eventually both relaxed and Dad started to use his inside leg better and get me rounder.
We worked on both reins and added halt transitions.
Feeling a little tentative Dad had to work on sitting up more and getting his heel down but this came by the end of the session.
We then trotted on both reins both sitting and rising.
By the end of the lesson we were both more relaxed and I was better connected.
Both Dad andI enjoyed the session. I told Sara I missed working and she told Dad
Afterwards I came in for grooming and minties and the rest of the day out in the field. Cobs prefer to work: its what we do.

Fran schooling on St. Valentine's Day

So..not having been ridden since 13th December last year, the day came to try again.
In the interim I had received treatments from Halena, had both my saddles re-flocked and adjusted, had a reiki consultation with Sara and a check-up from the vet with blood and urine tests.
Dad had massaged me as often as possible and started my TENs sessions again.
Fortunately this Sunday it was dry and bright. It was cold and I was pleased to wear my Newmarket. It was also helpful that we had the school to ourselves and for once this winter it wasn't frozen hard.
Fran began the session by riding me . We started with some walk.
The walk went well and I didn't hump my back. I was very forward going though and what Dad calls "Bright".
After lots of walk on both reins with flexions and softening we went up into trot.
Trot went well too. I eventually softened and loosened up and Dad took some smart snaps. Then Fran asked if Dad wanted to ride.