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Sunday, July 05, 2009

July lesson with Fran

Lesson day again. Dad came at nine or so and tacked me up. The morning was dry and fair with a little breeze. I wore my blue fly fringe, which was just as well since there were quite few pesky horse flies again today.

We had fifteen minutes or so to warm up which was useful and began our lesson with Fran at ten. We walked for quite a while working on roundness in a circle and then on a square with sort of turns on the forehand at each corner to try and get my hind legs under me and practice half-halts before each turn to stop me pushing on. We leg-yielded in and out and moved up to the same exercise in trot.

We again worked on halt-walk and halt-trot transitions and shoulder-in/renvers along the fence in walk and then trot. I found it difficult in trot and Dad's leg had some near escapes on the fence a few times. We need to practice that.

We tried the same manoeuvre in sitting trot which Dad found easier since he could then maintain a more consistent contact. Dad discussed how to add more sitting trot to our schooling practice and will warm me up in rising trot and add some sitting later. Hopefully this might encourage me to be softer and rounder more of the time and for Dad to maintain a steadier contact.

We worked on sitting trot and Fran seemed pleased with the improvement. We found the surface a little deep for me to canter today and finished by alternating sitting trot collected with rising trot going large on a longer rein encouraging me to take the rein down longer and lower. We found this difficult but will work on it before our next lesson .

Dad and Fran were pleased with our lesson - I got pats and minties - and we have quite a lot of homework before next time.

I must admit I was pleased to come in from the flies and be hosed down and have an apple before going out to graze with Dibby.

We stayed out until about four o clock and came in for tea. As soon as I had eaten I stood at the back of my stable and dozed. All that sitting trot is tiring - for Dad and me - at our age.

Dibby and I have found the hot weather trying and Dad says we should be clipped this week
It will be nice to be clipped and have my mane hogged again. Cobs may not get plaited but we do enjoy looking smart


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