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Friday, July 03, 2009


Cooler today. Heavy downpours this morning as we grazed.

Dad brought us in at 3 'o clock and rode me in the school. Although there was some breeze there were still lots of horse flies and Dad squashed fifteen or so on me during our session. We worked in walk with a little trot, some transitions and rein back for forty minutes or so.

Sue on Rosa noticed that when we were walking around chatting, most of the flies landed on me. Perhaps it was because I'm black and tend to get rather warm?

It grew quite humid and I was glad to come in and be hosed down and have some tea.

Later I was rubbing my tail on the bars in my stable and Dad took me to the washbox and washed it with special shampoo to stop the itching. That was a relief. Cobs itch quite a lot. Just ask Dibby.


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