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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Both Dads came to check on Dibbs last night and cool-hosed him gently some more and walked him. He had settled down by evening hay time at ten and he was comfortable this morning. So a better start to the day, other than the heavy rain. The inclemency put pay to any schooling and we went out in our light mackintoshes to graze free from flies.

When we came in we were soaked through. Interestingly, the water seemed to have leached into my rug and was swishing around as though I was wearing a very large hot water bottle. By the time I came in it was very wet and incredibly heavy and had to be turned upside down and "emptied" rather than dried. Dad said some horses might have panicked with such a heavy weight slapping and sloshing around them without explanation, so he gave me extra minties for being a brave and sensible cob. All quite bizarre for July. Perhaps it was that wet St. Swithin's Day after all.

Once inside, we were toweled down, groomed and put in our aertex cooler rugs for our temperatures to normalise before tea.

Dibby managed to roll in his cooler rug and since it had no leg straps it ended up over his head and he had to be rescued. Dad made a mental note never to leave us in those rugs unsupervised even for an hour. For a senior cob Dibby has managed to give both Dads quite an interesting few days.

On the quiet, after yesterday we quite enjoyed the inclement Wednesday; cobs don't really mind warm rain.


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