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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy morning

After a couple of days off, Both Dads took advantage of a dry and bright morning and came to ride at nine.

Other Dad took Dibby down the lane at first whilst I went into the school.

Spencer Wilton was holding a clinic in one half of the newly harrowed school and we had the other half to ourselves.

We worked in quietly in walk long and then shortening with shoulder fore and in and leg yield with halt-walk-trot transitions trying to get rounder, softer and on the bit more quickly. We added lots of change of rein and tied together seven metre circles going up and down the school for suppling and to loosen my neck.

We moved up into trot rising and sitting but held off from canter today in view of the proximity of the lessons. We added some rein back of varying quality by which time Dibby came back and joined me in the school.

We walked and trotted around together until Will who was now warming up for his lesson shied and so we went back to walk on a short and then long rein to finish off.

Both Dads were very pleased when Spencer told Kate that he thought Dibby was smart. Of course no-0ne mentioned me!

We went in for a hose down and to be dressed in our fly rugs and put out to graze after a busy morning. Cobs don't mind a busy morning.


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