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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rug free

After yesterday's downpours, Thursday started brighter, if rather windy. Dibby seemed to have no more ill effects from his sedation and was his usual self. Dad found another reservoir of water inside my lightweight rug and managed to empty it, so perhaps it can start drying out now. We went out rug free, but Dad put me in my fly mask to see if I would keep it on. He has given up on Dibby's mask for now since he just won't tolerate it. Such rebelliousness for such a senior cob.

After a showery day, we came in at 4.30 and Dad took me into the school. We shared the arena with Bailey for a while and did our usual routine of lengthening and softening adding flexions, leg-yield. shoulder-in and fore with transitions , some rein-back and trot straight and in circles of various sizes. I eventually concentrated and softened and we cantered a little on both reins, although it wasn't sustained enough.

Dad thinks he needs to be even more ordered and purposeful in the schooling and to persevere at particular manoeuvres longer, rather than changing too soon when things aren't going well.

Overall, he was pleased where we ended up particularly after such a disrupted week and thought the session worthwhile.

After a good hose down and groom, I enjoyed some minties and my tea. Tea should be the highlight of any true cob's day.


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