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Friday, July 31, 2009

Elusive joys

Today Dad felt a bit weary and aching after schooling me yesterday without wearing his normal chaps. One had broken as he tried to put it on. He has such good hands. Anyway, his legs are sore and he now understands why chaps are worn!

We went out to graze without rugs. Copying Dibby, I soon removed my fly mask. Strangely, I noticed later in the day how much I was being troubled by flies around my face and eyes. Funny that.

Dad brought us in about four once he had prepared our beds, water, hay and teas. It's so important to have good staff, I find.

The continuous wet weather is already affecting our frogs and so, after picking and brushing out our hooves, he applied Tecsin - so we have fetching jade green soles. Then, we were groomed and Dad gave me thirty minutes on the TENs machine, which I found therapeutic.

Dibby and I enjoyed today; Dad looks knackered. I admit the joys of owning a cob are sometimes somewhat elusive.


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