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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning school

Richard the farrier was due this morning and so we were kept in. He arrived at ten and attended to Dibby first whilst Dad took me into the school.
We worked in a large arena taking up half of the school and walked large to begin - loosening and stretching down, walking out and focusing on straightness. We shortened and added shoulder in and fore and some leg yield on both reins and some transitions and rein back.
We moved up into trot and Dad concentrated on flexing and getting some softness and roundness. He also worked on getting me moving forward without repeated leg aids and constant tapping on my side. He needs to work on this.
Other Dad came in and took some pictures and we repeated rein back immediately followed by soft and round transitions to trot.
We added some canter on both reins. The upwards transitions were on the correct leg and responsive, but again Dad had trouble sustaining the canter. We also need to work on this.
We finished off on a long rein and went in just in time for an apple and for my shoeing. Once this was finished my hooves were tecsined and I was put out in my fly rug.
The field was being topped again and we ran around a little but otherwise enjoyed a quiet afternoon.
Cobs like the balance of a busy morning and a quiet afternoon followed by tea with a few carrots and apples


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