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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


As forecast the morning was dry and sunny. Other Dad took Dibby down the lane for a hack whilst I went in the school. Initially Cosmo was being energetically lunged, but we went to the other end of the school in front of the mirrors like yesterday. Again Dad was pleased that I more or less ignored what was going on and concentrated on our exercises.

Trying to get into some kind of schooling routine, we took things in the same order as previously and stretched on a long rein in walk, adding flexing both ways, some leg-yield and shoulder -in/fore and gradually shortening and getting to soften and go on the bit. We worked large down the long sides when we could and on circles of various sizes putting on the inside leg and outside rein as appropriate when we changed direction.

We worked on transitions to halt and on to walk and trot. We trotted large in a straight line and on a circle varying between ten, twenty and thirty metres trying to keep in an outline - and not succeeding as much as Dad would have liked since I kept sticking my nose out. Still he persevered. We did the odd rein back and forwards transition to trot nice and round and finished off with trotting and walk on a long rein stretching my neck down as far as possible.

We didn't canter today since the school was dry and deep. We may have a go after some rain when it's firmer and levelled.

We came in and had a long cool hose down and an apple. By this time Dibby had come back and then went out to graze in our fly rugs.

Dibby and I were pleased to come in at four for grooming and tea. It was quite hot in the late afternoon and we were pleased to have been schooled in the cooler morning. Cobs are rational about such things.


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