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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Both Dads went away on holiday and didn't come to visit us for ages. We counted it and it was fourteen sleeps, a long time. We had the time off in the field and had a holiday too.

While they were away, Auntie Sue did our teas and breakfasts and Auntie Sam visited us in the evening with extra carrots for a chat, to take dictation of our text messages to be sent to Ibiza and to read us our messages from Both Dads. Cobs enjoy

Auntie Gemma and Becky also kept a close eye on us, so we had lots of attention.

Both Dads came to visit us on the afternoon they returned and we had a happy reunion. Dad said something about the start of another 440 days of consecutive DIY, but I can't think what he meant by that. I just know cobs enjoy it when their Dads are around but like to have visitors too.


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