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Saturday, March 06, 2010


A cool and dry Saturday. Dad applied an iodine compress to my abscesses and covered the hoof with another bespoke poultice boot. I went out with Dibby and Cricket. Dibby still shied at the noise of my plastic hoof-wear, but it didn't get out of hand.

A jumping clinic was going on in the school all day and I stood in the corner of the field to watch what was going on. I know Dad would like to be able to ride again like everyone else before too long. We have nearly forgotten what it's like.

When we came in, Dad cut off my plastic welly and tidied up the duck tape and bandage which was holding the iodine pad in place and was still clean.

Dad then applied the third batch of the stallion broth internally with clean swabs and a new plastic syringe, as he had done last evening. Without sedation he found it very difficult as a lay person, but tried as best he could. We hope it does the trick. Having spent a lot of time over several days struggling to hold my leg up whilst bandaging and taping poultices or bent double underneath trying to treat my infection, his back is painful and he can hardly stand up tonight. Such a healthy leisure pursuit. Cobs can do irony too.


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