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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A jumping Tuesday

Since Spring seemed to have arrived, Dad decided it was time to do some pole work; so, for the first time in a year, he brought out my GP saddle. It was quite dusty and dirty, so after giving Dibbs and me some extra haylage, he set to and cleaned it thoroughly.

It felt very different in my GP rather than the dressage saddle, but it made a change. When we went into the school, Anne was setting out fences for a round of showjumping. That kind of thing doesn't worry me and so we just got on with warming-up and practising with much shorter stirrups riding in and out of the fences. Anne and Other Dad set out some trotting poles and we had a stuttery go on both reins.

Then they put up a small cross pole and, try as I might I just kept going through it and knocking it down in trot. We then had a go in canter and I found it a lot easier. We eventually managed to jump the cross pole and a straight pole sucessfully a few times and Dad and I were pleased.

We then went in for a reward of apple and mints and a groom and Dad put me out in the field without a rug for what seemed the first time in months. It was nice being able to feel the sunshine on my back.

Dad went back into the school where Other Dad was schooling Dibby and he had a go too. Other Dad also rode Anne's horse, Bailey in walk, trot and canter and enjoyed it. I hope Dibbs doesn't get jealous.

Later in the afternoon it started to rain a little and Dad and Other Dad brought out our lightweight New Zealands in the field. Dibby and I just stood there whilst they put them on us and didn't run off; we cobs are good like that.


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