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Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday lesson day

This week's autumnal spring weather continued into Friday. Other Dad came early and put us both out to graze in our rugs. It drizzled on and off through the morning as Dad attended to the stables, before bringing us in at 1.00.

Dibbs and I stood outside our stables and had some haylage as we were groomed. Dad put on my black exercise bandages and later on fitted my double bridle and dressage saddle.Both Dads sat by the stables and had a coffee before we were tacked up. Dad took me out to warm up at 2.15 and Teacher Steve arrived at 2.30 as planned.

He checked my bridle and tightened the curb a little. We did some work in walk and trot on both reins. Today we focussed particulalry on Dad setting the outside rein firmly and getting roundness by taking a flexion on the inside rein towards the knee- but not so as to hold on to the flexion. Teacher Steve said he wasn't concerned to have roundness immediately, but Dad was to use the rein aids correctly and consistently - so he was not ever to take it over my neck or to pull back on it. It took Dad some time to get the hang of this, but after many repetitions we went on to practice canter on both reins. Again, here Teacher Steve was concerned to have good quality trot and a slight but clear movement back of the outside leg to obtain the upwards canter transition. Once Dad had improved the aids to obtain roundness, this went much better and we ended the sesion on a positive note.

Dad brought me in and took off my bandages. I wasn't too hot and so Dad brushed me and gave me an apple and meadow herb treats before putting me in my stable to chill.

By this time Other Dad had been schooling Dibby for some time so Dad sat on him for a while in walk and trot and went up to canter on both reins for the first time in several years.

When Dibbs was in and had cooled off we were given ur tea. Other Dad came back at 7.30 or so to check we were OK. Since it was another cool and gusty evening and we had been clipped a few weeks ago, he put us in our rugs. Cobs really enjoy being taken care of.


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