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Monday, May 22, 2006

The rain it raineth - still...

The rain carried on into Monday. I know Dad wanted to ride this morning, but it was still persisting down, so we were put out to graze in our rugs at 8.30. Dad came at 11.00 and, since it hadn't stopped, got on with the stables. It brightened up for half an hour when he was still busy and, just before he had finished, it started again.

Dad went home hoping to ride on his return, but by 4.00 ,when we came in, it had started raining yet again, so we gave up.

Dibbs and I were both groomed and had eucalyptus oil painted on our hooves to combat thrush from the continuous wetness. I know Dad is concerned about the lack of exercise, but Dibbs and I have enjoyed two consecutive days off. Being cobs we can be relied upon to behave properly when we are next ridden; calmness is quite the done thing amongst cobs.


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